Members 1983 - 2006

This is intended to be a list of all the people who have ever been members of Dr Turberville's. Why would anyone wnat such a list? I don't know but in a few (all right, many) quiet hours I went through all the scrapbooks and photographs, looking for good data to put in this website - and in the course of this I identified everyone that I could, along with the dates during which they were members. So now that i've got the list, it seems almost inevitable that it should be published. After all, other sides have created similar rogues' galleries! (example: Great Western Morris, whose list includes one of Dr Turberville's founders - I leave it to you to find out which one!).

* against a name indicates a current member in 2003.

# against a name indicates a founder member.

DM against a name indicates a dancer who also played music. Otherwise, where "musician" is indicated this means someone who normally played; everyone else is assumed to have normally danced. Some people have changed from being a dancer to a DM to a musician (or the reverse) in the course of their time with us.

I would be grateful for any guidance on errors, missing information, etc. in this section! (and in all the rest of the site, in fact).

Former Members of Dr Turberville's Morris
Name From To Other Notes
*Aldridge, Jan19942006+ 
Allwright, James19951995Musician
#Ashe, Beverley19821987Foreman, Squire
#Ashe, Richard19821987Foreman, Bag
Bannister, Dennis19951995practices only
Bayliss, Linda19841991 
Bayliss, Phil19851991 
Bolton, Lindsey19881993 
Boydell, Alex19871988 
#Carlyon, Jadi19821988Bagman, Squire
Carmichael, Edna19901993Squire, Bagman
Churchill-Moss, Sarah20032005 
#Clark, Steve19821984 
*Coles, Ken20052006+ 
*Cooper, Jo20052006+ 
*Cooper, Neil20052006+Bagman
*Cooper, Nick20052006+ 
#Cordy, Julia19821983 
Crawley, Di19841985 
*Curtis, Alan19922006+Squire, Bagman
*Curtis, Heather19922006+Moneybags
Davies, Carol19911991 
*Easeman, Dave19852006+Foreman, Squire, DM, Musician
*Easeman, Fiona19852006+Squire, Bagman
#Edmunds, Chris19821989Moneybags, Bagman
#Edmunds, Val19821989Foreman, Bagman
Eeles, Beryl 19861987 
Ellis, Debbie19901990 
Evans, Dave19841984practices only
Eve, Bill19841984practices only
Eve, Celia19841986 
Gale, Claire19931997Bagman
Gale, Nick19921997Foreman, Squire, DM, Musician
Griffiths, Brian19951995DM
Harding, Brendan1985  
#Harrington, Rod19821989Squire, Foreman
#Hambrey, Mark19821984Moneybags
Hill, Dave19841990Squire
Khan-Davies, Amanda19851989 
Khan-Davies, Gervaise19881988and part time 1993-94
Khan-Davies, Tash19851989and part time 1993-94
Kirby, Kath19841985 
*Knight, Andrew20012006+Foreman, Squire, Fool
Lawton, Clare19981999 
#Lloyd, Rachel19821985 
Male, Nick19921992 
Matthews, Liz19851987 
Millet, Nick19891900 
Moy, Caroline19981993Bagman
#Musson, Dick19821983+1984 practices only
Norman, Debs19881992DM, Musician, Occasional music to 2006+
Norman, Derek19881992Moneybags
Newton, Cat19952002DM, Squire
*Newton, Sarah19972004DM, Squire, Occasional to 2006+
*Newton, Wendy19962006+ 
Osborne, Sam19972000DM, Occasional to 2006+
Palmer, Jane19841985 
#Pritchard, Dave19821988 
Reeves, Maureen19841984practices only
Rider, Daniel19941997 
Rider, Jenny19941997 
Rider, Ken19941995 
Saint, Kath19932000Bagman
Saint, Kevin19931995 
Saint, Rachael19932001DM, Musician
Seabrook, Dave??rejoined 2006
Smith, Jill19831984 
Stow, Jackie19851987 
Temple, Susan19841984practices only
Thompson, Colin19841984practices only
Thompson, Ruth19841984practices only
#Wein, Jude19821984 
White, Andy19841987 
White, Ruth19841986 
Wilkinson, Andrew19901992 
Wilkinson, Sam19901992 
Worman, Terry19912000Moneybags, Fool
?????, Lucy19901990 
?????, Judy   

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