About Dr Turbervilles Morris' Kit...

Sketch of the Summer Kit

Our normal costume, or kit, comprises:

  • White trousers, of whatever size you prefer
  • White long - sleeved shirt with "granddad" collar or no collar
  • White socks, any length
  • White trainers, or as white as can be reasonably found
  • Baldrics (crossed sashes passing from shoulders to opposite hips front and back), in green / maroon / green
  • Green handkerchiefs (large)
  • Bell pads decorated with green and maroon ribbon
  • Hats to taste - currently black bowlers, decorated with small penguins and green and maroon ribbons seem to be in the majority

Our "Dark Morris" costume is black:

  • Black trousers (or miniskirts if preferred)
  • Black shirt
  • Black socks (or fishnets) and shoes
  • No baldrics
  • Black hankies
  • Silent (octiron) bells

To help us in the early discussions of this kit, Jo and Barbera modelled one of the suggestions:

Jo and Barbera modelling the Dark Morris Kit

This page last updated: 4 July 2009